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Thread: What is going on???

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*juniper79 View Post
    So everything went back to normal for a while and now I'm pumping less again! GRRR! AF has not come back...wouldn't she have by now? I've been told your supply dips for a few days and you are all set after that.

    Question about changing parts - do you have to change the membranes AND valves, or just the membranes? Is it obvious when they are worn out? I've looked closely at the membranes and stretched them slightly...see no holes or cracks or anything.

    Did anyone else experience a 5 month PP supply drop?? I'm so discouraged.
    Ha! check my thread of the same title today. DD2 is 7mos.

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    mothersky - glad your issue is resolved, but mine is not.

    Can someone please answer the replacement questions I have?

    When are the "typical" drops in supply due to hormones? I had one at 3 months PP...and I've read on other threads here that a drop at 9 months is common. Is 5 months PP another?

    If our babies are eating the same amount, why are our supplies going down? It just seems strange to me. I haven't started my DD on solids yet...

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