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Thread: when do I pump?

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    Question when do I pump?

    Hey! I was going to start pumping to store milk in case of an emergency/baby sitter/exercising, etc. I BF about every 2-3 hours...my little 9 week old is a hungry girl! haha! When should I pump if I am feeding her every 2-3 hours? Do I do it before or after? Also, I don't want to do it in place of a feeding so what do I do? Last question I PROMISE What do I do if I go and exercise and my husband feeds her while I am away and I go a while without breastfeeding because she is drinking the stored milk? Will my milk supply diminish? Sorry if my questions are confusing I am just new to this and have no clue what to do. THANK YOU SO MUCH for any help!


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    Default Re: when do I pump?

    You should pump after you feed your baby.
    If you are just going to workout 1-2 hours? Can you breastfeed your baby before you leave and then again when you get back?

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    Default Re: when do I pump?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommy-to-landin View Post
    You should pump after you feed your baby.
    If you are just going to workout 1-2 hours? Can you breastfeed your baby before you leave and then again when you get back?
    This is what I would try and do as well.

    You may want to have your pumping session in the morning. Most mammas find this is when their supply is at its best.

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    Default Re: when do I pump?

    Don't mean to but this was something I was wondering too so the replies have really interested me.

    If I pump straight after BF - and he only feeds from one side, which side do I pump from??

    Also, I thought it is best to pump in the am for am feeds and after 6pm for evening feeds as there are different chemicals that will help the baby sleep at night in pm milk. Anyone found this to be the case?
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    I've never heard that your milk is different in the AM and PM and my son sleeps fine...

    to answer one question you should pump any time you miss a feeding so if you come home form the gym and DH has fed baby a bottle you need to pump right away.

    I think it's fine to pump one side and feed from the other, you can do this at the same time actually.
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    Something that worked nicely for me was to pump after baby's early am feeding. He'd eat at 4 or 5 am and crash again. I could read the paper, eat breakfast in peace and take advantage of the early morning supply.

    I did this every day for a few weeks before starting back to work, and it's been very comforting to have the freezer stash to rely on. I still have to pump to keep up my supply and give him fresh milk, but if anything goes wrong (like forgetting the milk in the car overnight), I'm covered.

    It's always a good idea to pump anytime baby eats without you, but occasionally I get away with not pumping after yoga even though he had a bottle in my absence.

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    Default Re: when do I pump?

    In the past, I've used a manual pump and pumped 1 side while feeding on the other if I knew that she would not want to switch sides. That might help just to have a small amount of emergency milk.

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