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    I was trying to figure out if I will always have to nurse my baby every 2hrs or if she will ever be able to go a little longer. Right now we don't even go every 2hrs its more like 1.5. It is becoming hard because I have a son who just turned 3 although he is handling the baby well I worried he soon will start acting out because I am feeding all the time. Thank you

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    Congrats on your LO! How old is your LO? Their time between feeds will increase as their tummies get bigger, are able to hold more and use the breastmilk more efficiently. Right now, it kinda goes "straight through", KWIM? Also, breastmilk digests rather quickly, about 90 min.
    While you are bfing, maybe you can read a book to baby and your 3 yr. old so that he doesn't feel left out or act out This way he'll associate "breastfeeding = time with mommy, & little sister & a story", a very positive experience! Even better if he gets to pick out the book.
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    It will stretch out in time but right now just relax and enjoy some down time I always nurse in the same spot during the day and have a basket set up with books for me and my 3 year old and colors and fabric and fun little things so when I am nursing DD2 can come sit by me and do something with me.. most times she grabs her doll and nurses with me... Now, we goto the library and get seasonal books. We have four that are for fall and this is the time we read.. now at 8 months my son will sit on my lap and listen while he nurses too and pulls off to look at the pictures..
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    You're not alone in having a baby who needs to feed frequently. Breastmilk digests in about 90 minutes so young babies typically feed every 1.5 hours- at a minimum! Once in a while you'll run across a baby who naturally feeds every 2-3 hours, but in my experience they are rare.

    The good news is that babies do tend to space their feeds out as they grow, and those feeds also get a lot shorter as the baby gets more efficient at the breast, with many babies getting a full meal in 5-10 minutes by the time they are a few months old. Once that happens, feeds are a lot less work, because 5-10 minutes of nursing every 2 hours is a lot less intense than 15, or 20, or 30, or 40 minutes every 2 hours!

    The bad news is that there's really no safe way to get a baby to space her feeds out until she's ready to do it on her own. Supply = demand, and babies who don't get enough chances to demand can't ensure an adequate supply. And you never know when your baby will start spacing her feeds out- it could be tomorrow, it could be 6 months from now.

    A lot of moms find that it's challenging to breastfeed a new baby and care for an older child. You might want to make a special toy and books basket that only comes out when the baby is nursing. That way nursing time is special for everyone. You might also want to try nursing with your baby in a sling- that way you can move about and help your toddler while nursing, instead of being stuck in a chair.

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    Thank you everyone. I will give those a shot. I am very excited that nursing is working this time around as it didn't work with my son now 3. My little girl is 10weeks and gaining well. Thank you for your suggestions.

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