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Thread: rice cakes ?

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    Default rice cakes ?

    LO is 8.5m old and I wanted something to give her to nibble on to keep her busy when we're eating and/or something she can start getting used to holding in her hands and eating from. Are rice cakes ok? (Plain)? Are there any other foods (not refridgerated) that I can give her?? I know at 9m I think I can give her teething biscuits made with wheat, but until then? Cheerios at 9m? what else?

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    Puffed rice, puffed millet, spears of avocado, banana, baked sweet potato, whole or sliced pear, shredded meat, steamed carrots, steamed broccoli. Lots of stuff!

    Rice cakes are nice and tidy.

    ETA: I just noticed that you wanted not refrigerated foods. So, of the above, I would try the puffed cereals, avocado, banana, pear.

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