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Thread: freestyle vs PISA vs PIS

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    Default freestyle vs PISA vs PIS

    I currently use a PIS I bought used before I realized that's not always recommended but bought it from a lady whom I trust so maybe it's OK? Anyway, it's loud and not terribly comfortable compared to the Symphony I've rented from my LC place.
    Now we are considering buying me a better pump since I pump 8-10x day while my daughter isn't able to remove milk very well. We thought about getting a PISA but just read about the Freestyle. Is the Freestyle about the same just portable?
    Thank you for any ideas! I will talk to the LC about it tomorrow, too.
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    Default Re: freestyle vs PISA vs PIS

    I'm curious too...my pump is just about to die so I need to get a new one. Hope to see some feedback here.

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