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Thread: sudden bottle rejection at 9months

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    Default sudden bottle rejection at 9months

    Hi everyone. My LO suddenly stopped taking her bottles. She has been taking a bottle on and off since she was 3 day old with out any problem, only breast milk in bottles. I work part time and she only gets bottles while I am away, otherwise she breast feeds. Any tips. I've tried cups but she only drinks a very little bit. I've changed nipples and bottles no luck. Any other suggestions. You would think this wouldn't be an issue at 9 months

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    Default Re: sudden bottle rejection at 9months

    Is she teething? My lo's always refused bottles, sippies, food in general when teething.

    How long are you away from her while you are working?

    If she is nursing the appropriate number of times when you are with her then she is getting enough and you don't need to push the bottle. I'm sorry, I can't remember off the top of my head how many times a 9 mo. old should be nursing. Kellymom.com would have the info, though, and hopefully another mom can chime in.

    I wouldn't worry about it, but keeping pumping while you are away from her, nurse her as much as possible when you are with her, offer the bottle from time to time and hopefully, she will come back to it.

    Or, she may decide that she likes the sippy better and you won't have to worry about weaning her from the bottle. My lo weaned herself from her bottle at 1 year and I was very grateful because I had to wean my son from the bottle when he was a toddler and it wasn't fun. LOL

    Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: sudden bottle rejection at 9months

    No specific advice, but here are two real life stories of similar situations:

    I went back to work when DS was 10 months, and he decided he didn't want bottles anymore at 15 months. Because of his age, and because I work part-time, we let it go, and just nursed when we were together, and he had solids and diluted juice in a sippy cup when we were apart.

    I had a friend whose baby was younger when she decided she didn't want the bottle, and she switched to Playtex with the collapsible liners. The sitter would encourage the little one to suck by pressing on the liner and shooting some milk into baby's mouth. It got easier with time.

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