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Thread: Teething - What did you do?

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    Default Teething - What did you do?

    My LO broke his first tooth two days ago. He has been absolutely miserable the past few days and I just don’t know what to do. I know that he is in pain due to his teeth coming in and I want to make him as comfortable as possible, but it doesn’t seem like anything is working. His gums are bright red and I can see that his other tooth is starting to come in, which is making him even more uncomfortable. I have tried giving him Tylenol, but it doesn’t seem to help. Thank goodness he is still nursing, which is the only thing that will calm him down and put him to sleep for one hour (at most). The second he wakes up he just cries. Does anyone have any advice for me? What did you do when your babies were teething?

    Thank you in advance .
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    I can totally empathize. My little one is absolutely miserable while teething also. She just cut her top two recently, and we think more are on the way this week. The things that helped her most were Motrin for infants at night and during the day she would sometimes chew on Momsicles for her gums. She does not go for all the traditional methods to ease teething pain like teething rings, wet washclothes, etc. And, as you know, nursing does wonders to comfort them! Good luck!

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    These drops have been liquid gold in our house!!

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