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Thread: DD is a terrible solids eater on top of bad nurser. Help!

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    Default DD is a terrible solids eater on top of bad nurser. Help!

    Here is the thing. DD is 13 mo and has multiple foods allergy and she starting attending the nursery (full-time) two weeks ago since I have to go back to university and finish my degree. I am going crazy these days not only because seeing her crying her little butt out when I leave her there but mostly because she would hardly touch any of her food there. Also I was planning to go two times a day just after her meals and nurse her just to make sure that she won't starve herself. But she would hardly nurse a minute or so! Then I take her home and skip my lectures since I cannot bare the thought to leave my baby starving throught the whole day The mananger at the nursery convinced me that it might worth trying to send bottles while she's at the nursery because she would not be able to settle down if I kept going there. It's true that whenever she sees me she would cry so much and cling to my neck hoping that I'll take her with me. ahh poor thing
    Anyways, at the age of 13 mo I still puree her food and she can eat only a very limited variety of foods because of her allergies. And on top of that she only takes a couple of spoons on her own free will and as for the rest of the feeding I have to try really hard to put on quite a show (starring many toys and things) in order to take her attention off the so 'dreadful' feeding and while she's playing I feed her. It's always been like that and since I succeeded to increase the amount that she was eating from a couple of spoons to just over 3 oz I was happy to do it. So now she has purees two times a day and then some oats or quinoa porridge for breakfast and tea time. I think it's about time that we have at least one meal that is only solids (say at lunch time) but with her refusal to eat and the difficulty of getting her actually eat I don't see how this is going to happen. Also I am concerned that we are turning meal times in play times Please give some tips on how to deal with her. I'm so sick of spoon feeding her that way! BTW I've tried BLW approach but she gets bored with food almost immediately and starts mashing it on the floor or between her hands and giggling
    I really hope that some of you knowledgable mamas will have the solution for my worries

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    Default Re: DD is a terrible solids eater on top of bad nurser. Help!

    13 months is still very young.
    Lots of kids with tummy troubles don't eat much of anything before they are 2 or 3 years old.

    How much is she nursing in 24 hours?

    How has her growth been?

    I kind of agree about the bottles you have to let her get used to going to
    nursery. If the are able to get her to feed once that would help.
    Sometimes it takes kids a long time to get use to a new day care.

    How long are you gone for classes?

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    Default Re: DD is a terrible solids eater on top of bad nurser. Help!

    As I said she's always been a bad nurser - nursing for a minute or so and then fussying if I insist on some more so I tended to nurse her very very often throught the day. But the last couple of weeks she does not want to nurse at all in the mornings (she does a lot of nursing throught the night). At present I aim to nurse her when she wakes up and just before I drop her at the nursery. There I am planning for her to have two bottles to top up her solid intakes on lunch and in the afternoon. Then I can nurse her 2 or 3 more times before she goes to bed and as much as she wants at night. The first year of her life was such a struggle to get her gain weight but the she was doing great the last two or three months. We'll be seeing a doctor in two weeks but I assume that she might have lost some weight with her eating refusals and nursing refusals at the nursery.
    But how do I proceed withh feeding solids? Do I just let her eat as little as she wants?

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    Default Re: DD is a terrible solids eater on top of bad nurser. Help!

    Well, you can't force feed a child, yk? I would just continue offering and see what she takes. My DD is still not eating a ton of solids every day at 16mos. She nurses lots and is gaining and growing so I'm not worried.

    You shouldn't make yourself crazy about the solid food mama. She'll get on board when she's ready, I think. . Your plan sounds good.

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    Default Re: DD is a terrible solids eater on top of bad nurser. Help!

    Not to be an alarmist, only trying to trouble shoot, but with your lo's history, have they looked into eosinophilic disorder? The chance of this being the issue is slim, but it sounds like you have been through a lot of issues.


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    Default Re: DD is a terrible solids eater on top of bad nurser. Help!

    This is advice coming from a kid who truly would have starved himself to death - really. I agree that healthy kids will eat when they are hungry and will self regulate their calories, but in kids that have had medical issues/have medical issues this is not always the case. I forget where you are located, but I would seek out a feeding therapist asap - not to be an alarmist, but when you are dealing with food allergies and a kid who does not want to eat, the stakes get a lot higher.

    DS learned that eating hurt him (he had a lot going on), so chose not to eat and even nursing became hard some days. It has taken us a really long time to figure out what was going on with DS, and even after we think we figured out medically what was going on and I think he truly was not in any pain with eating, it took almost 9 months after that for him to really want to eat on his own. Feeding therapy was such a huge help for us since they worked with us to figure out if there were medical issues, gave us advice on tips/techniques and rewards for him eating and just general practical advice on how not to fall into some bad practices.

    Checking out an eos disorder may be in order as well - that was one of the things we suspected since DS fit a lot of the symptoms.

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