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Thread: fidgeting distracted baby while nursing

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    Default fidgeting distracted baby while nursing

    Recently my LO (6mo. old) is extremely fidgety during feedings. He will squirm constantly and kick his legs. Then he will put away and look around then go back to nursing only to repeat this in 30 seconds! I've tried to nurse him in a quite room with little distractions, but he will always find something of interest.

    My let down is not slow and I know he is getting enough milk because I can hear him swallowing. What is a momma to do?



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    Default Re: fidgeting distracted baby while nursing

    Do you have a quiet, dark room you can nurse in? Or how about a nursing necklace that you only wear while nursing? Sorry, don't have much experience with nursing necklaces, but hopefully, some other mamas here will chime in about that.
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    My LO is exactly the same way. More often than not, it helps to put a blanket over her. She seems to like the weight of it and it gives her hands something to do. Also, I have found laying down helps. It's funny though because I have a toddler, so sometimes laying down to nurse means laying int he middle of the family room floor!
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    Default Re: fidgeting distracted baby while nursing

    My LO, also 6 months, is the same way. I just chalked it up to him being more aware and mobile. For some reason he's especially fidgety on my left breast.
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    Default Re: fidgeting distracted baby while nursing

    I wrote a similar post a few weeks ago and was given great advice. The nursing necklace is great. I made my own with beads from the craftstore and DD loves to watch and play as she nurses. She also likes to cuddle with a blanket or lovey over her eyes depending on her mood.

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    Default Re: fidgeting distracted baby while nursing

    My ds also was a distractable baby...Yup, there really is such a thing...
    And when I read this I was like, "Yeah, that's totally my baby!"
    Nursing necklaces worked but when he was impossible I would not fight him onto the breast....I would take him away from the breast and close my bra, if he tried to get back to the breast, I allowed him, if not, we nursed a little later...They will nurse when they are hungry, don't worry bout that!

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    Default Re: fidgeting distracted baby while nursing

    If DS is really distractible, I go into a quiet room, turn on a fan for white noise, and put on my nursing poncho. He can't be (as) distracted by what he can't see or hear!

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