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Thread: 7m old sleeping 12hrs at night = supply issue??

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    Default 7m old sleeping 12hrs at night = supply issue??


    My seven month old recently started sleeping 12 hrs through the night without nursing. He previously awoke around 4am (after a 7pm bed time) every night for a nursing session. He independently stopped about a week ago and I am worried about my supply. My son is exclusively breastfed, will not take bottles at all, and started solids about two months ago. I have not increased his solids recently, and he has only seemed to add one more short nursing during the day since he started sleeping the 12 hrs. I have noticed that he is wanting to nurse a lot the last two days and my breast have been feeling very empty all of the time. He also seems to be really hungry, grunting and grabbing at my shirt...which he usually only does when he is starving after a long outing that pushed his feeding back. I have also noticed that his diapers are not as soaked as usual.

    Anyway, I worry that 12 hrs without nursing every night is going to cause me to loose supply. I really want to nurse beyond one year, so I want to make sure that I am not making a mistake by going so long without nursing.

    Thanks in advance for any input/experience that you may wish to share!


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    Default Re: 7m old sleeping 12hrs at night = supply issue??

    My Lo did this at about 6 months old for a few weeks...What I did was I'd put him to bed at 8pm then I'd pump at 11pm and wake up at 5 to pump again then he'd be up by 8am...thats what i did to keep my supply up and not explode in the meantime...now he goes to sleep at 8-9pm and wakes up once during the night to nurse anywhere between 2-5 am...i've eliminated the 11pm pump session then he's up at 7am for a fun day...I also nurse before i offer any solids during the day...he just recently started solids at 7 1/2 months old...maybe your Lo is going thru growth right now? My Lo is now 8 1/2 months old and he's just very curious it seems like it takes us longer to nurse because he's constantly pulling off to check out whats going on around him...I hope that helped somewhat...My advice would be to either pump or wake him (even though when they're in a deep sleep there's no waking them they just fall back asleep on the breast..at least mine did)
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    Default Re: 7m old sleeping 12hrs at night = supply issue??

    with pp! Pump if you feel like you need to in order to keep up the supply, and try to offer the breast before any other solids. My breast right now feel so soft and empty, but whenever I hand express I get a few drops and whenever DD pulls away amidst acive sucking, the nipple is soaked with breastmilk. Maybe he is going through a growth spurt, or he's teething and feels the need to comfort suck a lot, combined with the discomfort of their gums.
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    Default Re: 7m old sleeping 12hrs at night = supply issue??

    As long as you feed on demand, your baby sleeping through the night will not cause you to lose your milk supply. Your body is smart- it rapidly figures out how to make the right amount of milk to meet the demand at a given time of day.

    Often a mom whose baby is sleeping through notices increased nursing frequency during the daytime as the baby adds nursing sessions in order to make up for the nighttime ones he is missing. And that increased demand can leave you feeling really drained, at least until your body figures out the new schedule.

    Personally, I see no reason why you should pump while your baby sleeps. But aside from lost sleep, there's no harm in doing it if you want to.

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    Default Re: 7m old sleeping 12hrs at night = supply issue??

    I agree with PP's. He could be going through a growth spurt and his frequent nursing during the day will help increase your supply during the day.
    At 7 months, he may be ready for more "solid" foods to meet his growing appetite. Your baby will gradually replace breastfeeding with solid food and drink from a cup as his main source of nourishment, but this doesn't mean you won't be able to nurse beyond one year. Toddlers nurse for comfort as well as for calories, and may continue to want nurse a few times during the day even when they receive most of their calories from table food.
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