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    Question thrush question

    So, I've been having some breastfeeding issues lately, but to top it all off I found out that dd and I have thrush. *sigh*, one more thing to deal with.

    My question is, for those of you that have had thrush, how long did it take for you to get rid of it?

    I have been following all of the dr's instructions (vinegar solution on nipples, boiling anything used for supplemental feedings, keeping my nipples as dry as possible, getting prescription for dd, and also using her med. on my nipples, LOTS of hand washing). Any other suggestions?

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    I haven't had thrush (knock on wood), but I have read that rinsing the nipples with water and baking soda, then letting them air dry helps. Also, after you wash ALL the clothing that came in DIRECT contact with your nipples, hang them out in direct sunlight for a while to kill off remaining yeast.
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