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Thread: Recurring Thrush Problems in Mom & Baby

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    I am looking to see if anyone has had a successful treatment to cure recurring thrush?
    My son is 6 months old and we have had thrush off and on since he was about 4 weeks old. I believe this problem stemmed from me being on antibiotics before he was born for a sinus infection (which gave me a vag. yeast infection & something like thrush in my own mouth for a day or two) then I was on 2 strong antibiotics for 2 weeks to get rid of a bad case of mastitis.
    Ever since then we have been battling thrush. The longest period of time without it has been 1-2 months after we both took difulcan. I took a heavy dose with 4 difulcan the first day and 1 pill 2 times a day for 14 days after that. We have taken nystatin which doesn't touch it, viniger rinses, Sun Bathing my breast, probiotics, and most recently gentian violet which cured it right away. I have put him on organic baby yogert to try and build up the good bactiria ...which seem to have helped but I now see TEE TINY White spot like its trying to come back. I currently have no symptoms of the thrush, however, I think maybe I am carrying it in my body and that is why he keeps getting it.
    I am going to try and change my diet to as little as possible sugar intake and take GSE for both of us. But beyond that I don't know what else to do. Do you have any experience with a similar problem and something that finally cured it for you and your baby? I would love some imput!

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    Default Re: Recurring Thrush Problems in Mom & Baby

    GSE was the only thing that worked for us after having thrush on and off. Everything you need to know about using it is here.

    Also are you being really dilligent about cleaning things that have come in contact with your breasts or baby's mouth. You should only be wearing your bras and shirts once. Try adding a cup of vinegar to the wash to help kill the yeast. You to sterelize daily any artificial nipples, toys, pacifiers and anything else that may be going in your baby's mouth.

    I know how hard thrush can be.

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    Default Re: Recurring Thrush Problems in Mom & Baby

    Thrush can be hard to eradicate. I had it countless times as well. GSE worked well for me in the later months, but honestly I had to be go on prescription fluconazole about 5x in the time before he was a year old. Couple that with sterilizing EVERYTHING we were finally able to get rid of the thrush that had gotten deep inside the breast.

    Probiotics are very important to take all the time, not just when you are battling thrush. They do make probiotics for babies that you can put directly on your nipple as baby feeds. Nystatin is junk...I don't even know why they prescribe it anymore, and they have shown that candida has become resistant to it. It is also in a sugar suspension, which makes zero sense because the last thing you want around yeast is sugar.

    Also, if you are using cloth diapers at all, the yeast will be in the cloth. You will need to blast it out of there as well.

    Good luck mama. I know it is a pain.
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