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    My DD is turning one at the end of this month. I'm not ready to wean her yet and she's not ready either, but I'm wondering about when and how to get rid of bottles. I have zero child-rearing experience (I never even babysat before I had DD) so I don't know normal timeframes of anything to reference. I'm not sure how or when to phase out the bottles.

    We nurse at least 3 times daily every day (morning, noon, early evening) and then more often on days when I'm off work. I have no problem at all with this part of our relationship. She sleeps through the night and usually I only have to nurse her back to sleep in rare instances. But during the days when I'm at work the babysitter gives her a bottle in the morning, we nurse at lunch, then Granny gives an afternoon bottle. She also gets a bottle right before bed (she doesn't sleep with it, takes the BM then we try and "brush" her teeth which sometimes works, sometimes not). We usually take a bottle with us when we go out, just in case we need it (I'm not brave enough to nurse in public).

    She takes water out of a sippy cup but she's not great at it. She LOVES drinking out of a regular cup. She doesn't eat a lot of solids right now (cheerios and bread are her main stays, most everything else ends up on the floor).

    So I guess my main question is when and how to get rid of the bottles. Should I not worry about it right now? What is the appropriate time to transition away from bottles? Should I wait until we're better at eating solids and using cups? If my questions don't make sense, let me know and I'll try and clarify.


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    1 is still very young.
    Does your dd have a high sucking need? Does she like her bottles?
    Your doing the right things by brushing her teeth after the bottles.

    My oldest didn't give his up untill he was very old, back then they didn't fuss so much about weaning from bottles. He was able to help himself to the milk jug from the fridge and get his own.
    My next 3 babies never had bottles and went right to a cup about the time they weaned.

    As long as toddler is nursing well 3-4 times in 24 hours you don't have to worry about milk subs. They are getting all the callories they need from breastmilk.

    I wouldn't worry to much about weaning from the bottle.

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    Default Re: bottle weaning

    Our schedule was exactly the same, bottle in am and pm, nursing at lunch. I continued to provide a bottle for about 2 months after 1. Then when dd stopped drinking it or only played with it and spilled it all over the place I started to cut back on pumping then. Then I didn't have her offered the bottle at all unless they thought she wanted it. She didn't usually want it so I don't offer it at all anymore. As long as they are nursing 3-4 times you don't have to worry about additional dairy sources. REcently there were 2 days I was away all day so there was no lunch nursing. I had them offer her a BM in a cup and she drank it up w/ her lunch
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    Default Re: bottle weaning

    Thanks for the help! I may start offering her some BM in a cup on days when I'm home, just to see what happens. She LOVES to comfort nurse and sometimes she'll do that with the bottle if I'm not around. I guess I should find something else to worry about now. I suppose this was "my worry of the week". As usual, the ladies here helped me out!

    Thanks! Have a great weekend!

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