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    i have a young mother that i go to church with who is having trouble. the 4 week old is apparently having nipple confusion after a LC told her to give her a bottle because the baby was falling asleep and not receiving the hind milk...now the baby will not accept her at all but the mother wants to try and get her back on the breast exclusively...any suggestions...of course the baby fusses and screams while offering the breast because the milk is not easy acessable.... any suggestions would be appreciated....she also has a 2 year old
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    It seems she has a nipple preference, which is hard to break unless she stops offering the bottle. Is she supplementing? If she's not and is pumping, she should try lots of skin on skin contact and breastfeeding on demand. Can anyone help her with her two-year-old? If she is offering formula, she should start pumping after every feeding session to increase her supply and tell her body that it needs to make more milk, she can try eating oatmeal and taking herbs like fenugreek or mother's milk tea. It would help if she can contact an IBCLC to get her some hands-on help, and renting a hospital grade pump. Try to read this, as it has better tips on a baby who refuses the breast.
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    She may want to try a supplemental nursing system which allows the baby to be supplemented at the breast, no bottles necessary.

    This link may also be helpful: Help- My Baby Won't Nurse

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    If she is already using the bottle, she might be able to reintroduce the breast after starting a feeding on the bottle. Or, you can try cup-feeding from a medicine cup or eye dropper, to avoid further nipple confusion.

    I have heard that some babies won't latch at first because they are SOOO hungry, and nursing is hard, and they want the milk now, now, NOW! If baby's hunger can have the edge taken off by an expressed ounce or two, he/she may feel more like trying when offered the breast.

    When I cup-fed my sleepy newborn, we would give him a little taste from the cup, and then put that same colustrum or milk on my nipple, and then offer that. He got a taste of what he wanted, and suddenly was much more interested in trying to nurse. As skills nursing at the breast improved, he was far more interested when offered the breast first, and we dropped the cup after a couple weeks.

    He was still a sleepy nurser for a few weeks, but I found that breast compressions during nursing helped a lot. Whenever he would stop sucking for longer than a couple seconds, I would hand express a little milk into his mouth. He would swallow, and start up again. It was like, "Come on, baby, a little more..." As he grew, he had more energy, and nursing required a lot less cajoling from me.

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    I'm going through somthing similar. I started supplementing with a bottle during the first week. About a week later I was strictly pumping and bottle feeding, thinking that that would be easier than dealing with the nursing issues I was having (I was wrong). So, after about 3 weeks of only havinga bottle, I decided to try nursing again. She doesn't really like my bare nipple, but she will take it with a nipple shield (which I know some people dont agree with, but atleast its a step closer). We are also using a supplemental nursing system that we got from the LC (its a bottle with a really thin tube that you stick in the baby's mouth while nursing so they can get the supplement without a bottle). She hasn't had a bottle in about 2 days now. We will keep working at it until we can do it with nothing but the bare breast but it will take some time.

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    I had a similar problem when I ended up in the hospital almost a week on very strong pain killers & antibiotics and couldnt breastfeed...My Ds was having my stored milk in a bottle and when I was taken off the meds he didnt want to nurse...I cried because I felt he no longer wanted me after how hard we had worked at this breastfeeding relationship because it was not easy at first, since he had the bottle every feeding for almost a week but i didnt give up i did alot of skin to skin and within 24 hrs he got back on the breast fully...within those 24 hrs i'd put him on and he fussed and grunted and didnt want it but little by little we got back. they brought him to the hospital for me and he spent the entire day with me and it happened again...I was so happy...I think it could be done just dont give up. But in the mean time pump so you dont compromise your supply..I need surgery for an abdominal hernia but I will wait til I'm done breastfeeding for that because I dont want to go thru that again...It was emotionally wrecking for me
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