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Thread: nursing every hour now.

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    Default nursing every hour now.

    where as to nursing every thirty minutes, i'm nursing to about every hour somtimes longer.. which i think is good.. he's backing off of the formula and wanting mommie more!! yay!! i feel my boobs finally filling up... but i still don't feel let down, but i'm listening for it whenever i can.. i'm very happy.... seems like what i've been doing last few weeks to days are really helping and hope if finally in sight! yay!! ty ladies for all of your advice and support and confidence in me! i really did need this. i'm just so happy i could burst!!

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    Default Re: nursing every hour now.

    I'm Beth-
    Mama to L (7/14/09) and B (6/27/11).

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    Default Re: nursing every hour now.

    that's awesome!

    Kimberly Mommy to Landin and Avery


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    I only felt letdown in the very beginning. I'm so happy for you and your baby!

    I'm Laura, mamma of 2



    We love and

    We have been nursing for over 2 years now!

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    That's great!

    Not every mama feels a letdown. Just keep an eye wet diapers.
    I'm Anna
    Proud mama to my 2 little high needs "koala bears":

    Ethan born 8/23/08
    Bfed for 22 months, weaned with love 7/2010

    Lucas, born 1/6/11
    Nursing strong for 19 MONTHS!

    Cloth diapering 1 full-time even though I'm constantly ! Currently in potty training mode. We also and

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    Default Re: nursing every hour now.

    YAY for you!!! Your happiness bounces off of your post!
    Love is not consolation. It is light. -Friedrich Nietzsche

    I'm Irys, going thru the struggles of being a mom, wife, student, daughter...
    But am hanging on!!!

    Mom to K, born August 16th, 2008
    Expecting A April 7th, 2010

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    Default Re: nursing every hour now.

    Great job! That is awesome
    I'm a SAHM to
    #1 Alyssa 5/26/09 BF for exactly 25 1/2mths
    #2 Emily 11/7/11 completely self-weaned at 20 mths
    #3 Victoria 12/16/13

    New sights, new goals, new directions...

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