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Thread: how to build up a supply for daycare

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    Default how to build up a supply for daycare

    Ladies, It seems that it was yesterday I was doing the exact same thing for my DD! Now, I'm on my second child and seem to have forgot everything.

    I am starting to work on three weeks. My DS is 49 days. He's an avid nurser, I wear him all the time and he nurses on demand. I am pumping every morning and get from 2-3 oz. I already have approx 20 oz on the fridge. He will need 8 oz/day while I'm at work.
    What's your best advice to increase my supply?

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    Default Re: how to build up a supply for daycare

    You may not need to increase your supply. While you are away from your lo, you may be able to pump what he needs for the next day, and continue that. Just keep up what you are doing, and you will have an ample freezer stash and will hopefully be able to supply him with what he needs based on the previous day's pump sessions!

    If this doesn't answer, let me know and we can come up with something more suited to you!

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    Default Re: how to build up a supply for daycare

    When my daugher started sleeping longer, I found if I got up and pumped before her first AM nursing I got the most milk.

    Now, of course, at 6 months she is back to night wakings and I am not quite as full in the mornings and therefore pump less at this time . If I nurse and then go to work and pump that seems to help a bit.


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    Default Re: how to build up a supply for daycare

    You should only need to have enough in the freezer for the first day. After that, you should be able to pump enough each day to replace what you're using. If pumping isn't an option for you, let us know, and we'll help you brainstorm more ideas.
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