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Thread: How much is enough?

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    Question How much is enough?

    We are down to nursing at night still lol (I only roll my eyes because I am scared this girl will never learn to go to sleep on her own... seriously...terriffied) and for her naps during the day usually two. Otherwise I am doing my best at trying to give her solids regularly and fluids regularly. She had some ice cream and lowfat milk over her birthday weekend (my bad..) caused her alot of diahreeah and serious diaper rash, so I cut out all dairy for a couple of weeks and it's finally clearing up and her poops are back to pastey. Anyway, nurse at the doctors office told me that babies should only get whole milk because they need the fat to break down the milk, makes sense. But my issue is this.. with BF is was so easy, she's hungry, you nurse her, it's all good. Now with foods...I'm kind of at a loss, wondering how do I know how much to give her ya know? And obviously I can't 'force' the fluids down her, but she doesn't seem interested in drinking too much during the day. Usually I only change like 3-4 diapers a day, depending on if she poops or not.. A change in the morning...afternoon and then sometimes one before her final change at bedtime. She never soaks her diapers anymore like she used to, but she is acting totally normal and doesn't have any signs that I can tell of not getting enough to drink/eat, I'm just unsure about it all. Clueless first time mom...second on the way, TERRIFFIED. Not ready...freaking out about alot. Thanks for any input.
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    Default Re: How much is enough?

    So she's almost 13 mo., right?

    What does she eat on a typical day? She does need something. Why isn't she nursing in the day? How many times does she nurse at night.

    And the part about the fat being needed to break down milk... not sure about that. fat doesn't break anything down.
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