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Thread: advice on expressing and getting let down!

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    Default advice on expressing and getting let down!

    Hi, My little monkey (11 months) is still on his nursing strike, it's been almost two weeks now ). I have never been any good at expressing and am having trouble with getting my let down. I can pretty much do it when my little one is with me ( I sniff him!) but that's not always a guarantee.

    I am looking into getting an electric pump, but in the mean time, is there any tricks anyone can help me with? I have the avent isis hand pump.

    also, how much is a good amount to get out at this stage? on a good day I can get 4fl ozs and on a bad, less than one! I really want to keep giving him my milk until he decides to give up the fight and it breaks my heart when he gets a small amount!


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    Default Re: advice on expressing and getting let down!

    I have a double electric so I really can't offer advice on hand pumps. What works sometimes for me is distraction--try not to think about the task at hand and focus, I mean really focus, on other things--read a book, read the posts here (which is generally what I do while pumping!) smell your lo's blankie. Something to take your mind off what you are doing and focusing so much on whether you are getting milk or not.

    I hope someone who is more familiar with hand pumps will chime in. And really, good luck to you on overcoming the strike!

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