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Thread: 12 month mark and no solids??

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    Default 12 month mark and no solids??

    We just hit the big one year mark last week and my typically good eater has started not eating any solids. Her favorite foods..like bananas and avocado are no longer a safe choice. What do I do?? She's nursing not much more than usual but I am pumping for her to get the extra calories. She's very active and I'm worried she's not getting enough nutrition.

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    Default Re: 12 month mark and no solids??

    Why are those foods no longer a 'safe' choice?

    Kids do tend to take 'dips' in their eating patterns and if it's a day or so here and there it could be due to teething pain or even a virus or soemthing. If you're super concerned you can always take her in for a quick weight check to the doc, or an exam to double check nothing is more serious ( some kids have ear infections and never really complain much about them)

    Instead of pumping more, can you choose to just nurse her more often?
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    Default Re: 12 month mark and no solids??

    DS went through a time like that, too. Try offering new foods. I've found they sometimes just get bored. Trust your lo. If she was hungry, she would nurse more or eat solids.
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    Default Re: 12 month mark and no solids??

    My LO is almost 2 and still has "off" weeks. Sometimes her appetite is insatiable, and sometimes she hardly eats at all. I just try to make sure the foods I offer are healthy, and leave it at that. For me, if I focus too much on how much or little she's eating I'll worry myself to death, so I just focus my energy on how nutritious the food she IS eating is.

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