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Thread: mastitis- empty breast

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    hi there,
    well i have mastitis. as soon as she latched well without nipple shields and without breast milk bottle fir three days i had plugged ducs. fortunatelly no fever and too much pain and enough milk in the fridge. Now i do warm baths and massage then i nurse her 15 minutes each breast and then give her bm in a bottle. then warm bath again and try to empty my breast with the pump. b ut i can't understand if it's empty enough. how am i going to know that? and how many days does it take?i can't wait to b f her exclusivelly again.
    thanks in advance

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    Hi Athena. I had really bad Mastitis with my first that ended up turning into a breast abscess. i was told a few wrong things by Dr that first time that may have made things worse. Anyway since then I have learn't a lot more.
    My understanding is it is best to feed your baby ( and I really know this hurts) if you try to position the baby so their chin is towards the blockaged area this will help drainage. Are you taking Antibiotics? Have you tried cold cabbage leaves ( they really do work!) also the warm baths/showers are great but try putting a warm cloth on just before or during feeds ( it will help milkflow). I Be careful that by pumping that you are not overincreasing your milk supply. this is one of the things that went wrong my first time and I ended up really engorged and that just made the problem worse.
    Also and I know this will sound really weird but eat plenty of garlic. Apparently most babies love the taste of b'milk when their mums have been eating garlic and there is something in it that will help fight the infection.
    Hope you get better soon.

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    Default Re: mastitis- empty breast

    I wondered how you guys were doing!
    Heres some info about it.
    Be sure to get the rest you need.
    Can you take the baby to bed and just nurse and rest, just get out of bed to eat and go to the bathroom.
    is your bra to tight? that can cause plugged ducts.

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