Well, we tried Nessa on organic rice cereal with probiotics (Happy Bellies brand I think) about 1.5 weeks ago, and she got green runny poo, a diaper rash and face eczema about 3-4 days later. So, we stopped the food and just nursed for a week. At that point she was 5.5 months old.

I'd like to offer her some solids, but I think we'll stay away from the cereals for now. Maybe start with sweet potato, butternut squash or avocado. She seems hungry for solids - talking while nursing, grabbing my food, doing the baby bird imitation every time I bring a bight to my mouth, etc. - but I'm not sure if her body is as ready as her brain is. She was a month early (never in NICU) and I wonder if her stomach and gut are really about 5 months old and I should just really ramp up the nursing for a month and put off solids for awhile more.

She is also teething like crazy (blistered gums, white dots where teeth will be) which I think might explain the diarrhea and face rash, right?

TIA, mamas!