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Thread: Question-Dad's opinion?

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    My husband knows that I do all the research and is ok with doing whatever I think is healthiest for our baby! He has never questioned me about it, I didn't bring up nursing beyond one until right before her birthday. I said "I can't imagine weaning her at this age" and he said "then don't!"
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    I'm sure that you and your LO can change Dad's opinion.

    DH is a first time biological dad (I have 2 from a previous marriage). I nursed DS1 well over 3 years and plan to nurse DS2 till he's done or 4 years which ever comes first.

    When I was pg DH wasn't even sure he was comfortable with bfing at all. But over time he has changed his mind. He's a lactivist now too and defends and promotes it to all his red neck co-workers.

    I started bringing it up in non confrontational conversations. Like, "Hey, did you know that bfing makes babies smarter than formula fed..." or other conversation openers like that. He's a CPA so the fact that it's free and formula costs so much was enough to make him listen at first.

    Then over time it progressed to conversations on extended breastfeeding and DH observed how much DS2 likes it. I think that was the real catch. It was sweet to him when DS2 started asking for nur-nur. Then DH was ok with bfing till 2.

    Now we're at 22 months and DH is on board for CLW.

    It takes time and understanding on both ends but I bet you can change his mind.
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    DH has told me that as long as we're both happy in our nursing relationship, that he is as well.

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    My DH who has always been supportive but admittedly a little hesitant about nursing beyond 1 just changed his mind. We were visiting friends this weekend and my friend is still nursing her 2 1/2 year old a few times a day. Well, her LO was climbing some stairs and fell. It was a very scary fall. He watched as the only thing that soothed her was nursing. He had a lightbulb moment that bf wasn't just about food
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    I must admit dh was a little weirded out by bfing past one when I was first pregnant with dd. But once she was born and he saw how much she loves it he totally changed his mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mollyb View Post

    ETA: Oh, and he hasn't said a word about me weaning DD2. He's practically a lactivist now.

    Same here! We had lots of arguments with DD2 until I sat down with him and told him how important this was to me and to DD1. I nursed her 2 and a half years, even Tandem nursed. Now, he didn't even ask when I'm thinking on weaning DD2.

    I think it's got to do with them feeling left out, at least that's what I think it happened to DH.

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    I think both DH & I felt I would stop BF'ing Tessa at 12 months. (I don't know, I was a bit naive and just assumed you should stop BF'ing at 12 months because that was what everyone said. I totally didn't get how important the comfort/security aspect of BF'ing is.) Twelve months came and when I brought up weaning in a discussion with DH, his response was, "But she's not ready to wean yet!"

    Neither of us thought I would be BF'ing a 22 month old toddler (I now plan to let DD self-wean). DH has never pushed me to wean DD, and when we talk about weaning, his response now is, "She'll wean when she's ready."
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    My DH doesn't really care. He's always been supportive of me bfing and never pushed me to wean at all.
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    Interesting thread... I just started talking to my husband about this a couple of days ago.. something along the lines of "I had planned on weaning her at around a year, but the more I read about the developmental benefits, the more I am thinking I want to go a bit longer" Then I asked him if he had any opinions... Since I mentioned brains, he really didn't (although the look on his face was slightly perplexed). He's all about anything that enhances the intelligence - I should have told him Ben & Jerry's was brain food, then he wouldn't have given me flack about it!

    I am curious as to how he will react when she's a year and a half and we're still nursing, but I don't think it will be a huge deal to him once we are there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*eris View Post
    I am curious as to how he will react when she's a year and a half and we're still nursing, but I don't think it will be a huge deal to him once we are there.
    That's how my partner is. He gets really agitated talking about nursing at future ages, but as each of those ages has arrived in the present, he still thinks the baby should be nursing. Because he is still a baby. An older one, but still clearly needs it, you know?

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