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Thread: What are the chances...

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    Default What are the chances...

    ...of being able to get her back on the breast?

    I have a 5 month old baby. I am going to start relactation this week, and Freya has not latched on since she was about 3 weeks old. I know she will not latch now, as I have tried numerous times since then. The thing is, I never produced any milk in the first place, none at all, because of a medical issue (see another thread). Now that issue is resolved, and I am going to try again, I hope to produce some milk. If and when I have plenty of milk, do you think Freya would be more likely to have a go at latching on? She has never managed to get any milk out of me, so I can see why she doesn't see the point in trying. However, if there is milk appearing then maybe she will have a go? (I'm thinking months down the line, here). Just wanted to now if anyone has experienced this.

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    with the PP on how to get the baby back to the breast.

    I wish there were an answer to your question like "You have a X% chance of getting your baby to latch on and nurse." But there just aren't any statistics on getting a baby back to the breast after so many months off, probably in large part because so few people ever try.

    I know that my mom had to take 3 months off for medical reasons, and was able to get my sister to latch on again and nurse for another year. But that's just an anecdote- I don't know what it says about your chances of success.

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    ^ That's encouraging thanks. I do have skin to skin with her all the time, and let her be next to my breasts without expecting her to latch. She does lick, but nothing else. I have tried at night a few times, and will continue to do so.

    She doesn't have a pacifier, and doesn't really suck on anything else (thumbs or anything).

    I am hoping that she will eventually, but I will focus on providing milk through pumping first, once that is out of the way I will feel more confident about this.

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