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Thread: Mastitis, antibiotic, and reduced supply???

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    Default Mastitis, antibiotic, and reduced supply???

    Okay, here's my situation....
    I have a 5-week old. He usually feeds pretty well at the breast, but has been fighting it some in the evenings, especially on the left side. He also does not seem to be satiated after feeding him at the breast and the past few evenings, we've had to give him a bottle of EBM because he's screaming out of hunger. We even broke down and gave him 2 oz. of formula the other night because nothing else was working.
    I feel like my supply was okay up until this past Sunday when I developed mastitis. I went to the doctor on Monday, and she gave me an antibiotic. She said to keep nursing and to make sure to drink lots of water. I can't imagine that the antibiotic would reduce my supply because if it did, it wouldn't make sense for her to perscribe it to me. However, I feel like I have less to give him the past few days, especially in the evening. Maybe a coincidence? The mastitis was pretty mild. I had a fever of 102 for two days, but then it went away. I have 3 more pills of the antibiotic that I have to finish up.
    I've been trying to get the pumping thing down, and have started pumping right after feedings because if I wait, he wants to eat again too soon after, and I don't have enough left to feed him. I used to get 2-3 oz. combined, but all day today I've been lucky to get 1 oz. combined each time I've pumped.
    He weighs 9 lbs. 5 oz. so he should only need 3 oz. of EBM, according to the calculations, but tonight he ate from me for close to 30 minutes and then took 4.5 oz of EBM 30 minutes later!!! I'm confused and a little frustrated..... I'm trying to build up a store for when he goes to the sitter in less than 2 weeks. I do have a bunch, but would like to continue to stock up.
    Could the mastitis and antibiotic have impacted my supply? Maybe it will increase again when I'm done taking the antibiotic? Am I possibly just experiencing a temporary low spell or maybe he's going through a growth spurt?
    I would appreciate any suggestions!!!
    Thanks! This message board has been so helpful so far!

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    Default Re: Mastitis, antibiotic, and reduced supply???

    When I had mastitists (SP??) it was soooo painful, I couldn't even hold my son on that side. I had a terrible fever as well! I went on antiobiotics and it started feeling better within days. However, my supply on that side dropped drastically and even 2 mo later, still hasn't fully recovered. I dont expect it ever to. So, hopefully when the 'lumps' in your breast goes away, the supply will pick back up.

    Some suggestions to help build up a supply of EBM. Night time, when your LO is sleeping. I'm assuming s/he doesn't eat every 2 hours in the middle of the night. Get up and pump then, that way you have enough time to build up your supply before it is time to feed again. I know it is tiring enough to get up with LO gets up, but having that back up supply of EBM will make you stress less and produce more in the long run....at least that was my case.

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