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    I have a 12 month old daughter. She was actually born 2 months early, but am beginning to introduce her to table food and slowly wean her off baby food. The only table foods she has eaten up to this point are mashed potatos, scrambled eggs, banana slices, and plain noodles. Are there other foods that any of you would suggest introducing now? Also, for snacks she's been eating the cereal puffs, cheerios, and yougurt melts, if there are any others that you could suggest, that would be wonderful. Thanks you again in advance for any help

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    You could give her cheese, bread, fruits, chicken....all cut in small pieces. I pretty much gave my daughter everything that was already introduced in puree but gave it to her in small finger size.

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    I give dd most fruits (soft or steamed) and veggies along with puffs. I also give her little bits of shredded cheese - she's almost 9 mo and has a good pincher grasp and chews but not well enough for chunks of cheese. Then depending on what we have for dinner I throw her some of that. Like tonight we has chicken pot pie so I gave her some of the peas carrots and potatoes with gravy from my piece and she loved it! If we have pasta I make it a "grabbable" shape and overcook a few pieces for her.
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    Default Re: Introducing Table Foods

    Apple slices
    Whole Pinto Beans
    String cheese
    Cucumber spears.
    Shredded Chicken
    Sweet potato fries

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    going from purees to whole foods? I would do anything that's soft to start. Once she gets that figured out you can move on to harder foods. Her gums/teeth can handle practically anything you offer, but if she's use to purees she might need to practice chewing softer foods before offering her harder ones. I'd go with soft pieces of foods she can pick up with her fingers. Sweet potato fries are a great example - just chop up a sweet potato into french fry shapes, drizzle with olive oil and bake. Super easy. Very nutritious.

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    My little one loves pancakes. I add baby cereal to the mixture, and sometimes bananas...then cut it in bite size pieces for him to feed himself.

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    Do you all give natural cheeses or the packaged ones? Is deli meat OK for them?

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