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Thread: What are you feeding your 7-8 month old?

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    Default What are you feeding your 7-8 month old?

    Hi Moms - I'm a first time mom whose son is about 8 months (gestationally - he was a preemie). We're into solid foods now - some homemade, some store-bought, and I'm just wondering what other moms are doing with feeding schedules and type of food at this stage. It's kind of overwhelming - just when BF got easy and comfortable, I have to add solids to the mix?

    Right now I've been feeding him pureed solids once or twice a day usually right after BF. So far he has tried and liked bananas, applesauce, pears, sweet potatoes, peas, and some oatmeal (though I haven't fed him oatmeal for awhile). He really enjoys eating all these.

    Some questions:
    • When and how should I add finger foods?
    • Should I be feeding him solids consistently 2-3 times a day? (ie: oatmeal for BF, fruit for lunch, veggie for dinner?)
    • Any other tips or suggestions?

    Thanks everyone - it's crazy how it seems like extra work and another issue of, "am I doing the right thing?" to feed my dear little guy...

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    Talking Re: What are you feeding your 7-8 month old?


    Hi!! MY little guy is 8 mos as well. I was here looking to find out what other 8 month old moms feeding schedules were too My DS was born 2-2-09 @ 6.1 lbs, so not too far off from your little guy. He is still in the 10%, but growing nicely and with a GREAT appetite!! This is how our days goes:

    Nurse first thing in the morning followed by 1/4 oatmeal with diluted juice or EBM
    3-4 hours later nurse again
    2 hrs later (lunch) of two jars baby food. One fruit, one veggie.
    2-3 hours later nurse.
    about 2 hrs later (supper) jar of babyfood, usually a "dinner" (ex: ham/apples or turkey/veg) and 1/4 cup oatmeal with juice/EMB
    1-2 hrs later Nurse
    1-2 hrs later Nurse before bed.

    Depending on where I'm @ in my cycle may change the amount of times he will nurse during the day. And, we also tried eating solids right after nursing, but found that he was getting so full that he was going 5-6 hours before nursing again, so we tried this and it seems to be working well. I does seem like I'm feeding him all the time again, like when he was really little, but oh well, there will come a time when I will miss all the "time out"

    Good luck, hope this helps. Mainly, you just have to try different things and remember that your DS will let you know when he's hungry When I get stuck trying to stick to a schedule, I have to remind myself to rely on his cues instead of the clock


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    Default Re: What are you feeding your 7-8 month old?

    Sorry took so long for this reply... but I wanted to add that you don't need to stress about what you are feeding your LO, mine is 8.5 mo and he still isn't really swallowing much of anything, yes this has caused me worry, but i am finding that there is no set rules for starting solids and as long as you experiment that's fine! Breastmilk is the perfect food for well over a year, despite the pressure to make sure you get in iron.

    It sounds like you are doing everything wonderfully! Your lo likes to eat and you are offering! That is great! Just make sure breastmilk is more important at this point, especially coming up on the cold/flu season.

    As far as your questions... I am just not experienced with those.. so I want answers as well!

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    Default Re: What are you feeding your 7-8 month old?

    Not sure if you are still looking for "a day in the life" but..

    My LO is 7.5 mos and our typical day goes like so:

    Up at 630am
    nurse at 715
    830 oatmeal with some pureed fruit and EBM
    915 nurse (or bottle during the week) nap
    1130 nurse (or bottle during the week)
    noonish - light snack like puffs or rice rusks
    130 nurse (or bottle during the week) nap
    400 nurse
    530 nurse nap
    630 2.5 oz pureed veggies, 1-2 tablespoons mashed banana
    730 nurse
    830 nurse/bed
    then she usually wakes at least once during the night to nurse

    As PP said, each baby is different so if yours is a happy baby...leave things alone!
    Hope that helps
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