i was thinking about cutting two holes in an old bra that is a little tight. this will make a hands free pumping device... i know that is a good idea now here is the question... i was thinking about using when i go to sleep. then i can set my alarm for ever half hour and turn the machine on then off. i would be doing 1/2 hour on then 1/2 hour off then 1/2 hour on and so on through out the night. this would also inable me to sleep while it is happening. i tried this (only i used tape instead of the "handsfree device" last night and i am sure it would have worked but my alarm didnt go off then chase woke up SCREAMING from either a bad dream or hunger... maybe both. i picked him up and tried to cuddle him but one got knocked off and i was to tired to put it back on so i took the other one off fed chase and went back to bed (although chase woke me up every few hours. i dont know what his problem is.) tia ladies.