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    I am looking for some information to pass along to an acquaintance. She is most likely going to be induced around 34 weeks (if she can make it that long) due to complications with her pregnancy and it is almost definite that the baby will have to spend some time in the NICU. She has not breastfed her other two children (even though they were both premature and in the NICU for several weeks) and she says she has no intention of breastfeeding this child, but I would like to at least provide her with some sort of information or studies that show the benefits of breastmilk, specifically for premature babies that have to stay in the NICU. I was talking about some of the benefits today and she seemed the TINIEST bit interested, so I'm hoping that reading some solid evidence might give her the initiative to at least try.

    Do any of you mamas have some favorite links or articles that you could share with me?

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    Whether or not she chooses to breastfeed, your friend may be interested in kangaroo care, which is extremely good for the health of premature babies, breastfeeding or not. Much better than sitting in an incubator all alone!

    Kellymom has some good links on breastfeeding premature babies: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/preemie/preemie-links.html

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