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Thread: Feeling sad about starting solids

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    It'll probably be awhile before your LO really "takes" to solids anyway. The first many, many times will just be to get a feel for solids- experimentation! Trust me, you will not be replaced. DD2 nursed every.2.hours, 24 hours a day until she was 14 months...and she started solids at 7 months. No worries, mama!
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    I totally understand your feelings of not wanting to share your LO with food! If you're at all interested in baby led solids, it would be a way of making sure she eats only as much solids as she wants/needs, and the rest of her appetite is for you.

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    here's a great reason to feel sad: solids are SO MESSY. and i am SO LAZY.

    i really miss the days of bf'ing only.
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    Thanks everyone! I'll think of it being a fun experiement rather than real meal replacement. LOL!

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