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Thread: Want to continue nursing and feeling pressure...

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    Thank you so so much ladies! To answer some questions, I am basically getting a lot of pressure from my MIL and some other people, such as co-workers and other mothers I have met...my husband is 100% supportive, and to be honest a little jealous of how close Arlo and I are. As for my MIL, (the main culprit) I feel it is more for her own benefit. She keeps wanting him to spend the night, but it is not going to happen any time soon. I also just realized that all of my frozen back up milk has high levels of lipase and I was so upset that all of my hard work is literally going down the drain, and her only response was "well, looks like you're going to have to wean him". SHe also always brings it up in front of her friends who then start in on me. I have said time and time again "yeah, I am just not ready yet" or "I'll probably wean him until college". it is just the rolls of the eyes and the tsk tsk that wears on me. But you are all right. I need to just keep my cool and keep remembering that this is all for him.

    I am really starting to think it is a generation thing...no one from her generation that I know nursed. None of my aunts or my mother or my husbands aunts or his mom...so maybe I need to keep in mind that maybe they just don't understand. I feel like they look at the breast as simply nutrition. And they don't realize that 3 years is such a short time in the long run...

    Thanks again...ALL of your advice has been most helpful. And I will remember to return to this thread every time I get discouraged!!!

    Thanks mamas...also thanks for all of the encouraging kind words for making it this far...it really was all worth it...and to think it gets better....ahhhh....I can't wait!

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    Would your husband be willing to talk to your MIL? It doesn't sound like she's going to have any interest in being educated about the benefits, so maybe a stern discussion about how it is not a subject that is up for discussion any longer is in order. She might take it better from her son than from you. At least that way she'll know that it is a decision you are both making as parents and it's not just her 'kooky daughter in law.'

    Or next time she brings it up just tell her that if she can't be supportive of your decision to provide her grandson with the absolute best nutrition he can get then she needs to keep her mouth shut about it.
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    I really like the "pass the bean dip" advice! That's great.

    I have been telling people also when they ask (no negative reactions yet) that I believe that right at the beginning of what seems like it will be bad flu season I can't, in good conscience, stop giving my baby the health and immune benefits that breast milk provides. How can they argue with that??
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    I would just try to make it a little more clear to MIL that it's really not a topic that's open for discussion, that you prefer not to talk about it anymore, and then don't let her draw you into any discussions about it. If you don't engage her, then she won't be able to do that. It sounds like you've tried some good answers with the whole "oh till he goes to college" and stuff like that trying to deflect her, but she still continues and draws her friends into it?????

    It sounds like the more subtle tactics aren't working, so if it were me I'd be more direct and firm about telling her it's not up for discussion and you don't appreciate the way she badgers you and also brings her friends into the discussion. Because your BF relationship is a PRIVATE, personal issue between you, your child, and your DH and what she is doing is really rude and uncalled for and none of her business. Don't let her treat you like that mama!

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