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Thread: pump one side or both?

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    Default pump one side or both?

    Hi, I'm just back to work, leaving my 6 week old at home with dad. I pumped when my 5 year old was young, but have a different situation this time...

    My little one only ever nurses on one side, so when I feed him on non-work days, I alternate sides each feeding. Now that I'm pumping at work, I wonder if I should be pumping both sides or alternating? To further complicate matters, the baby comes to nurse (which is great) at noon and sometimes in the afternoon, so I'm worried if I pump both sides at 10 I'll be empty or low at lunch when he comes. I also don't want to overdo it and increase my supply too much!

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: pump one side or both?

    You may need to experiment and see what works best for you - IME it really depends on things like how much you're able to pump at each session and how much your LO takes when home with dad.

    I found that I needed to constantly tinker with my pumping depending on my output and baby's needs.

    Sorry to not have a more definite answer, but I found that pumping is more of an "art" than something that follows specific rules.

    Please let us know how it's going!
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    with lksam. There's no hard and fast rules about pumping, since what will work for you is going to be as individual as you are. Maybe start with one-sided pumping and see what happens? If you're getting sufficient milk that way, then continue on with it. If not, then you can start pumping both sides.

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    Default Re: pump one side or both?

    My ds also usually only takes one breast per session.
    I pump both breasts at the same time because that's what I need to produce enough for the next day....Each Momma is different. I never had a problem with overproduction....We are usually right on. HTH!

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