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Thread: Transporting EBM - Do I need dry ice?

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    Default Transporting EBM - Do I need dry ice?

    If I'm transporting EBM (150oz) for a 1-2 hr trip, do I need to put it on dry ice? Right now the milk, cooler, and regular ice are all in a deep freezer together waiting for transport tomorrow. Will that be good enough or is there a big risk that the milk might begin to thaw if I use normal ice?


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    Default Re: Transporting EBM - Do I need dry ice?

    When I used to donate milk to a milkbank in North Carolina (I'm in Georgia) I used to have to send it overnight in a cooler. What the milkbank said is that breastmilk actually freezes harder than regular ice, so not to put any ice in the cooler. The ice will actually cause the breastmilk to thaw faster.

    The best thing to do is to pack the breastmilk in the cooler as tightly as possible. Use crumpled up paper to fill up any empty space in the cooler. For 1-2 hours you probably don't need any sort of ice.

    This also worked really well when I drove breastmilk out to Atlanta to a couple I used to donate to there. The milk was still frozen very hard after 3-4 hours in a cooler in the car.

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    Default Re: Transporting EBM - Do I need dry ice?

    I agree..that is not enough time for anything to happen to it! I have gone longer wth ice packs and nothing happened to it!

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    Default Re: Transporting EBM - Do I need dry ice?

    a cooler and lots of ice worked for me even traveling on a plane recently.

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