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Thread: Nystatin Ointment and Breastfeeding Q's??

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    Default Nystatin Ointment and Breastfeeding Q's??

    Hi ladies,

    My son is almost 7 weeks old and I am exclusively breastfeeding. Last week I started to have sore nipples so I called my OB and went in for a visit. It isn't mastitis.....and, after looking at my baby's tongue, they decided it was thrush. I thought his tongue was always white b/c of the milk.....didn't realize that it looked 'overgrown'. I brought him to his pediatrician and his doctor said that he looked 'fine' b/c there wasn't any yeast growing anywhere else in his mouth (gums, lips, roof of mouth, etc). His doctor decided not to treat him. But I was given nystatin ointment (not cream). I have been applying it three times daily and my OB told me I didn't have to wipe it off before feeding the baby since he would be treated with the same thing (if he were treated). But the pediatrician did tell me to wash my breast off before feeding. So....I listened to my doctor b/c I figured it would help the baby as well and it's not like I have a big glop of ointment on my nipple when I feed him (most of it is absorbed on the breast pad). Anyway......I just read on-line that cream is OK, but ointment should be wiped off before feeding b/c of the high content of petroleum jelly.....now I am worried I have somehow harmed my baby. Has anyone been treated with this before? And what did you do?

    Also - do you have to 'pump and dump' milk during this time? Or can I use what I pump to feed him same-day (hubby usually gives him a bottle at night) and just not freeze it? How long do I do that for?


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    Default Re: Nystatin Ointment and Breastfeeding Q's??

    Hi Donna,
    Congrats on your new baby, and 7 weeks of breastfeeding!
    You do not need to pump and dump your milk. The yeast growth is on the skin and tissue, not in the milk.
    I just looked up nystantin ointment in Dr. Newman's book and he say's you should not have to wipe it off before feeding, the tiny amount your baby may get, would not be enough to harm him. If you feel more comfortable wiping it off, then do so of course, but I don't think you have to worry about the times you didn't hurting him.
    Here's a link to Dr. Jack Newman's candida (thrush) protocol
    Perhaps this would be helpful. With thrush, both the mother and baby should be treated. Perhaps you can ask your pediatrician again?
    Here's a helpful article from LLL.
    Battling thrush can be frustrating and painful. I hope that you find something that helps you both soon!
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    Default Re: Nystatin Ointment and Breastfeeding Q's??

    I am surprised that your pedi is not treating your lo. Usually thrush needs to be treated in both the mother and nursling simutaneously, otherwise it will continue to be passed back and forth between the two.

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