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Thread: rice cereal??

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    Default rice cereal??

    i started my LO with organic whole oats. blended it very finely then cooked it with water and added bm. we were doing really well so i introduced bananas... then i tried to introduce apples. he started making a face and started to gag. so i stopped giving him everything. that day he had very loose poopy so i guess he had a tummy ache. yesterday i tried sweet potatoes, and he doesnt seem as interested as he was when we first began... should i give him rice cereal? if so which kind?

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    Rice cereal is not needed. It's not on the LLL list of first foods. It's highly processed and no nutritional value except the iron they fortify it with and even that is not nearly as absorbable as the iron your baby will get from real food.
    I would just try real foods. And one at a time. Mixing foods makes it hard for a child to isolate a flavor or texture they don't like making them more likely to reject everything. If you serve all whole separate things, one thing at a time (Like one thing per session in the beginning) it will be easier for you and your baby to isolate likes and dislikes. HTH!

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    I would make my kids brown rice cereal. They liked it. And now they still to this day LOVE brown rice.

    You do it just how you said- I would blend the rice in the blender to a powder (while still little) then cook it. As they get older you can blend it less.

    It is really loud to blend it though...

    If you choose to do rice cereal I think that is the best way.

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    You can also cook brown rice the normal way and run it through a food mill, then add some fruit (like banana) or veggies and water or bm to make it the consistency you would like. Oscar loves it like this.

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