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Thread: Spitting up frozen milk???

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    Default Spitting up frozen milk???

    So, I went back to work yesterday...I had spent the majority of my maternity leave storing up a frozen milk stash for daycare (I'm an exlusive pumper). I prepared bottles of the defrosted milk mixed with a little chilled fresh milk. Unfortunately, my DD has been spitting up an incredible amount now! She normally spits up a little, and I've never been concerned, but apparently she spit up so much that she went through 3 changes of clothes. I saw it for myself last night too - we had a prepared bottle left over so my husband fed it to her and within minutes she spit up a huge amount. This happened again a few minutes later.

    Could there be something wrong with the frozen milk? I smelled and tasted it before making the bottles - it didn't smell off or anything, it tasted a little different than fresh but I didn't think anything of it. Has anyone else ever had this happen?!?! I have a freezer full of milk, at least a month's worth - I don't want it to go to waste!

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    Imma to AA, born at home 11/12/07 , juggling , working, APing , cloth diapering , - and . I'm done - yay!


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    Default Re: Spitting up frozen milk???

    My son does this to. I was thinking maybe the self defrost cycle on my freezer was making the milk bad.
    How are you storing your frozen milk?
    Hopefully someone has some better insight?

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    I have the same exact problem. I had thawed frozen breastmilk dated from the end of September which was still less than 3 months old so it should still be good...The other day when I'm at work my husband leaves me messages on my cell that our 3 month old daughter only drank about 2ounces and practically spit it all back up. When he kept trying to feed her she was really fussy about taking the milk. The next feeding she wouldnt take it and was screaming from hunger so he tried one of the bottles I had just pumped the day before and she took that just fine. I also have about a month supply of frozen milk in my freezer and am now debating if I should just get rid of all of it which I would really hate to have to do. I plan on seeing what happens with the next bottle of thawed milk and if the same thing happens i guess i will have to dump the rest.

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    So far haven't had any additional problems with my frozen milk supply...maybe it was just something with that one bottle?

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