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Thread: Curious - how does bf change as baby grows?

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    Default Curious - how does bf change as baby grows?

    Hi! I have a one month old little girl that I am bf exclusively. So far everything is going very well. I'm just curious about how bf changes as the baby grows and gets older. Does the frequency of feedings change or is it always every 2-3 hours? Do babies have longer or shorter nursing sessions as they get older? Does the number of wet/poopy diapers change? Is there anything else that changes as they grow? Thanks for the help - I've looked for information about this but most of what I read seems to focus on gettng started bf and bf in the first few weeks so I appreciate any input!

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    Default Re: Curious - how does bf change as baby grows?

    Breastfeeding definitely changes as the baby gets older. How it will change for you is as individual as you and your baby are, but here are some things that will or may happen:
    - Feeding frequency will change. During growth spurts, many babies feed much more frequently. Teething may increase- or decrease!- nursing frequency. Once your baby starts solids, she may nurse less often. She may also begin sleeping longer stretches at night- or she may increase her nighttime feeding frequency!
    - Nursing sessions tend to get shorter as babies grow and become more efficient breastfeeders. By the time they are a few months old, most babies are capable of getting a full meal in under 10 minutes at the breast.
    - Your supply will probably adjust to meet demand very exactly, without a lot of milk left over to give you that "full" feeling. Lots of moms freak out about low supply at this point, but the adjustment is normal and not an indicator of a supply problem, as long as mom is feeding on demand.
    - Pooping tends to slow down with age. At first you get several poopy diapers per day, then maybe 1-2, and after a certain period of time (different for every baby), the baby's digestive system matures to use breastmilk very completely, without a lot of waste left over. At that point, some 100% breastfed babies start going several days between poops, with up to a week being totally normal.
    - Some babies start biting when their teeth start coming in, but not all.
    - People may start pressuring you to stop or reduce breastfeeding, because they assume that breastfed babies should eat only every X number of hours (false), or that breastmilk has no nutritional or health value after X number of months (false), or that babies need to be weaned by 1 year (false), that young babies need lots of solid foods (false), or that no-one enjoys breastfeeding and therefore you should wean your baby as fast as possible.
    - Breastfeeding gets a lot more fun! As your baby grows and becomes more expressive, you'll get smiles, gentle touches, acrobatics, and if you nurse long enough, you'll even get commentary. My preschooler once told me she wanted to take my breasts to school and share them with her friends!

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    Default Re: Curious - how does bf change as baby grows?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sixyearplan View Post
    Another really cool fact about breastfeeding is that your LO will never need more in volume as she grows, unlike formula where babies need more and more as they grow.
    Yeh, it's strange you mention that!
    My friend had a baby boy 4 days before me and both babies weighed the same at birth. Now, I know we should never compare babies, but - when I saw him for the first time this week I couldn't believe it - he was so fat. He really looked as if he was at least a month older than my DS He's formula fed - could this be why?
    Sorry to hijack your thread BTW
    Lis, mum to Nicholas (23.12.05) and little Leo (4.8.09)

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