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Thread: Drs Just assume

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    Default Drs Just assume

    So DD had her 6 month physical yesterday and some of the questions were so funny! The Dr asked me if I lay her down in the crib with a bottle...

    First of all I said she dosent sleep in her crib, second she is breastfed so no bottles.

    Then Dr asks me, "Oh, so how many ounces does she drink at once?"

    OMG are they for real? Dosent a Dr know anything about BF???

    She THEN asks me how many minutes does she feed off each breast, and if I offer both breasts per feed.

    At this point at 6 mos, DD can eat from one side in a matter of a few minutes. Sometimes she wants to nusre longer, sometimes both sides...there is no timing of her nursing sessions!!

    THEN she asks me how many hours between nursing...I say she eats on demand. Dr asks me, well how many hours apart does she feed, she has a blank look on her face. I just say every 2 hours just to stop the questioning.

    I find it sad that some Drs know nothing about breastfeeding, and just ASSUME that we all formula/bottle feed.

    I wish all Drs knew more about BF...
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    Default Re: Drs Just assume

    Hey, you educated her, Mama! Maybe next time a BFing mom comes into the office, the doc won't have a blank look on her face.
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    Default Re: Drs Just assume

    Every time we brought Lance to the doctor they also assumed that he was being fed formula. Luckily though when I would tell them he was still getting breastmilk they'd say "oh, that's great!"

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    Default Re: Drs Just assume

    Doctors are fun sometimes

    Does she sleep in a crib? Me "WEll she has one" She didn't need to know it was in the basement in peices.

    You can start Cereal at 4 months "Well I guess she could start cereal"

    Doctor at 18 months you simply must wean her or she will never eat foods.
    Your milk is no good after 6 months anyways.

    Hubby said OH MY Did you listen to anything she said after that
    Sorry nope.
    This was a $400 an hour specialst.

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    Default Re: Drs Just assume

    I often find myself answering "just to end the questions". But Mommal is right. In certain situations it is IMPORTANT to be the one who can educate. I need to do this more with my doctor. Instead of just jumping to what I know will be an 'acceptable' answer, more or less, to end the questions.
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    Default Re: Drs Just assume

    I'm pretty lucky. Although my doc and I don't see eye to eye on everything, he lets me know that I am the one in charge and he's there to help me. He has never asked me anything about N's sleeping. He has never asked me anything about N's eating. He has never asked me about milestones. He KNOWS me as a person (I've been a patient for years) and he knows that I am certainly capable of keeping track of where N is supposed to be. He KNOWS that if there is a problem I'll go to him - he doesn't need to hound me. He doesn't believe in weighing and measuring them constantly because he says it just freaks out the parents if they aren't on the standard growth curve. He does it, but he just writes it in the chart and doesn't plot it. He is a "look at the WHOLE person" kind of doctor, instead of getting hung up on little insignificant details. N is healthy. He always gives him a 'once over' when we go in, and then he addresses why it is we're there. He explains everything to me in a way that I walk away understanding exactly what is going on.

    omg, sorry for the ramble

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    Default Re: Drs Just assume

    Doctors make me sometimes.

    Our ped knows E is still nursing and has gathered that I am quite adamant on that point. She pushed supplementing when we had slow weight gain but also referred me to LLL.

    There are some things like milestones and some parenting that she does talk about with her patients but to be fair, she has some patients who really need that and benefit from it. When I started going to her we had a curve where she figured out that I am a competet vigilant parent.

    We do not see eye to eye on cosleeping and vax.

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    Default Re: Drs Just assume

    I my peds! She is very supportive and BF her children! I just switched peds though because mine is over an hour to get to, but Ive been to new one (who came highly recommended by several of my bf friends)several times with dd #2 and she has also been great even encourages to bf in room before leaving so dd wont be hungry on way home!! I never stopped to realize how lucky I was!!
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    Default Re: Drs Just assume

    When I went into the hospital due to mastitis, one of the doctors was surprised that I wouldn't be weaning because of it.

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    Default Re: Drs Just assume

    Not all docs are like that - I our family doc! At DS's 2-year-old "well baby" visit yesterday (okay, it was a little early, but were there for me anyway so it was convenient) he said to DS "Do you know what a lucky little guy you are that your momma still nurses you?"

    Great job educating your doc, but most importantly, great job educating yourself, so that you think about your parenting choices instead of just doing whatever the doc says.
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