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Thread: Help PLEASE! I'm so EXHAUSTED!!

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    Default Help PLEASE! I'm so EXHAUSTED!!

    Hi ladies! I'm in need of some major help right now! I'm eping because my baby (7 weeks old) didn't latch well at first. I've been trying to get her back to the breast lately, and she SORT OF latches correctly sometimes. But after she latches, she'll suck for a few minutes, then pull and tug on my breast until she finally pulls off and won't latch back on. Then she immediately wants a bottle, and she and I both get so frustrated, that she ends up getting the bottle every time. Being an EPer, I'm so exhausted as it is from pumping 10 times a day (including at least twice in the middle of the night), I just don't have the strength or energy to fight her fussiness. I feel like I never even go to bed! I'm so sick of being constantly attached to my pump! By the way, I'm a single mom, so I'm juggling everything myself, on top of pumping my life away. I feel like I have no time to spend enjoying my baby, let alone getting any sleep. Anyway, I'm starting to consider switching to formula. I kind of live paycheck to paycheck, so not only will I feel bad for cutting her off from BM, it will be a financial burdon as well. I was so adamant about her never getting formula, and I really wish there was a way around this. But I just feel like I'm not spending enough quality time with her, because I'm always either pumping, feeding her a bottle, or trying to find a minute to get a shower in! I'm sorry this is so long, but I really need some advice and help, please! I'm going crazy with exhaustion, but I don't want to qive up on giving her BM if there's any way around it. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Help PLEASE! I'm so EXHAUSTED!!

    Have you seen this link?

    I don't think it's too late to get her back to the breast!

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    Hang in there! Your story sound simlar to mine. My LO wouldn't latch, so I've essentially been EP'ing for 13 weeks now. At around 7-8 weeks, I was dead exhausted and ready to throw the wretched pump out the window. I can understand how you feel!

    Somewhere around 11 weeks, my LO started figuring out how to latch (yay!!!) and my milk production had been stable for weeks (usually 18-24 oz per day). We've slowly been transitioning to BF, but it's like 2-3 BFs and a day and 3-4 pumpings a day. Still, it feels like a huge improvement. I don't know what changed--LO's mouth got bigger and she seems to understand better about it. Because trying to BF and repeatedly failing was so hard emotionally, I stopped even trying it for 6 weeks and just pumped, which I knew I could do and have LO get breastmilk.

    I've always supplemented with 1-2 bottles of formula per day, and I have no problem with that. Formula is not evil! If you need to go that route to preserve your sanity, do it. But, if you're able to see a LC and keep pumping another month, your little oe might figure out how to latch and you could make the transition.

    Best of luck, and hang in there!!!

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    Have you met with a LLL leader to seek assistance? maybe attend a local meeting? or met with an IBCLC? I agree on the nurse ins and skin to skin and co sleeping, you're doing fantastic thing mama
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    Default Re: Help PLEASE! I'm so EXHAUSTED!!

    Do you have anybody friends or family who are able to give you any support? It sounds like you could really use an extra pair of hands or more.

    I've been pumping now for 11 weeks, too, and attempting to bf which sometimes goes OK, sometimes not. It takes a lot of time and patience but my lactation consultants have said sometimes babies just turn around in one day and you never know when that might be. I guess I hate the thought of giving up a few days before my daughter would "get it."

    I would also want to encourage you to keep trying but take care of yourself, too. Can you cut out one of the night pumpings to get more sleep or anything? I pump 2x/night, as well and get up by 4:00 each morning so I know it's necessary for some mommies.

    Take care.

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    It might also help if you have a pump that is a double pump, so that you can do both at the same time, two bottles and a little more time to yourself. I felt attached to the pump myself- the double pump helped, and significantly lowered the amount of pumping time- although it took a little for my breasts to understand.
    My daughter also had latch issues, we ended up getting her tongue clipped and she was able to latch afterward, but at first pulled away just like yours. I saw a LC and found out that I had too a quick let down, and a lot of milk (from pumping so much)- so she was pulling off because she was choking (you can tell if they are gulping at lot). Tried sitting her up more when nursing, and also leaning back (me leaning back) so she's almost on top of the breast and that worked great- now she's able to latch no problem. Good luck. If you have to do formula too- don't be too concerned, at least you are doing what you can- and remember, you need to keep your sanity to be able to take care of her

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