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Thread: sore on the areola-help please

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    Default sore on the areola-help please

    Hello everyone,
    first time posting here
    I have a 9 month old son. He's been getting his teeth in, and while I feed him at night, he's been biting me every so often. Everything has always healed pretty well. But now I have this deep "cut" on my one side on the areola. It's very painful nursing him. What can I do??? I have had this sore for 4 days now.
    I can not pump my milk because he won't take it from a bottle or cup. I really need some advice, the pain is killing me. I've had mastitis when he was 2 months, but I think this is worse!

    Thanks everyone !!!!

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    Default Re: sore on the areola-help please

    Ouch mama! Some questions: Is it itchy? red? flaky? have you ever had thrush? (you can get some info. on thrush on this forum and www.kellymom.com)
    If it is an open sore & with your LO teething and bfing, there's a lot of room for bacteria to get in. Especially because, I would imagine, you're not walking around topless to let it air out, right?

    Instead of pumping, can you manually express into the pump/container for now? That way you don't keep irritating it.
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