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Thread: Do I really need to suppliment?

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    I have a 2 month old boy. His birth weight was 6lb3oz...he just had his 2 month vaccinations and he now weighs 9lbs2oz. I was told by the pediatrician that he is on the very low end of the weight chart. To me he seems perfectly healthy, aside from a little spitting up, and gas. She gave me formula samples to "top him off" after each feeding. Is this really necessary??Is this birth weight really that low??

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    IMHO, no, that is not a terribly low birthweight (in fact, I believe that's around 10th %) and that weight gain seems just fine. The way the whole chart thing was explained to me is that each child has something of a baseline on the charts, wherever that may be (and for some it is at the bottom, or even below). As long as they do not show a decline of 2 standard deviations (basically 2 of the percentage lines) from that baseline, there is nothing to be concerned about. As long as your little one's diaper output seems good, he seems alert and content and generally appears healthy, I see no reason to supplement.
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    with the PPs. Healthy babies come in all shapes and sizes. There are healthy babies in the 99th percentile and healthy babies in the 1st percentile.

    If you look at the chart that sixyearplan posted, you'll see that your baby is now more or less on the same percentile he was on when he was born, which is a good indicator that he is following his own personal growth curve in a natural, healthy, consistent way. Ir would be a different story if he were dropping off the charts, but he's not!

    As long as he is having adequate wet and poopy diapers, seems happy, and is meeting milestones, there's no way I'd supplement with formula. But I might look for a new pediatrician!

    Don't let this get to you- in a couple of years, you're going to be getting kudos for keeping your child healthy-looking and slim, while the moms of fat toddlers are being read the riot act about the epidemic of childhood obesity.

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    Thank you for your support. I left the Pediatrician feeling very confused...it's hard enough to keep breastfeeding, when you always think your baby is not getting enough to eat.

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    Thank you for the link , and the support. His actual weight when we left the hospital was only 5lb 11oz...He has also grown 3 inches in two months. I am having trouble with the link to the charts though.

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    Thank you everyone! This has been bothering me since we left the doctor, and I am so glad I got your advice before trying any formula...which is in the trash now. Thanks again

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    I got it. What a great source for BF moms. Thank you for that. I feel much better now.

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    i think your doing a great job. that is great weight gain!!! my LO was 5 lbs 1 oz at birth and she is almost 2 months and is less than 9 lbs.
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    Grrat advice from pps. I think you're doing a great job and should most definetly avoid supplementation. Good work mamma.

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    Just wanted to give you kudos for doing what you've done. This BFing thing is hard enough when it's your first time, and when people (especially doctors) give you poor advice it makes it so stressful. Keep up the awesome work!!
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