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Thread: Screaming before eating?

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    Default Screaming before eating?

    I tried to do a search and did not seem to find exactly what I was looking for, so sorry for the repeat...

    DD is 8 months old, today. This is NOT a new problem and in fact, she has done it from jump. I always thought it would fade and I guess I am finally realizing it hasn't/isn't and I want to know what the deal is?

    Whenever I go to feed her, she is fine until her back hits the boppy pillow and I go to pull my shirt up to feed her...she starts losing it like I am taking too long. I have even tried to pull the boob out before I lay her down and she will always manage to cry a little like I am taking forever. This happens on both breasts, during the between-meal switch, morning-noon-night, 3 hours or 15 minutes between feedings, you name it, it doesn't seem to have an off switch. We sing and carry on and all sorts of stuff to get her to not think about it and just wait. I have gotten frustrated on a few occasions and just let her sit for a minute after she starts to cry to see if she'll shut it off like she sometimes does when she wants me to get her out of bed - nope, it will only increase in intensity.

    I am frustrated. The child is not starving when this happens. I wouldn't mind if I thought she was. This is making me resentful just a little, especially at night when I sometimes leave my room (she sleeps in her or our bed in our room) to go down the hall to feed her because I feel bad that DF has to get up for work in the a.m. and she can't even just latch on without waking the dead...even though she wakes 3-6 times a night and eats over 30 minutes each time...she has plenty of diapers to show she is indeed eating at these sessions, etc.

    Since this isn't new and doesn't seem to have a trigger, any suggestions? I am extremely limited in my positions due to my large breast size, so she is usually in a football position...

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    Default Re: Screaming before eating?

    Your daughter reminds me of my own. Sometimes I see posts where moms ask "How can I know if my baby is hungry?" and I always think "Wow, does that mean their babies don't holler to be fed?" My kid always announced her hunger with a scream. She'd go from quiet and happy to fussy to howling in a matter of moments. As she got older, things did improve, but she always got some impatient whimpers in there.

    In short, I think it's just a personality thing. I'm not sure you can change it.

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    Thanks for the feedback...at least I'm not alone

    I had thought maybe that was the case - how old is yours now? What is she like now?

    I remember the first night in the hospital...the staff all laughed and said "with those lungs, maybe she'll be an opera singer" funny, ha ha

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*bully.rhiannon View Post
    how old is yours now? What is she like now?
    She's three and a half. She continues to be the same incredibly determined and high-energy person she was at birth. Not anyone's idea of a push-over! DH and I sometimes joke that she should have been born wearing thigh-high leather boots and carrying a whip- at least we would have had some idea of what we were in for!

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    Ha Ha!

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