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    My LO is now seven months old, and I have been feeding him purees. Some days he hardly eats any of my purees, and some days he eats all of it. Is this ok? I worry that he is not eating any food. He is drinking milk well though. I read somewhere that its good to cut a milk feed so he is more hungry for solids, but I worry that if I do that he won't get enough nutrition having less milk...

    Also on a lighter note, how do you find the time to cook purees? Its been ok, cooking purees that have few ingredients in them, but I've been following the Annabel Karmel plan, and her recipes get more complicated with 3 different meals every day of the week. I'm finding I'm having to stay up late cooking!

    Another question, when can baby start eating near to adult food? Do I need to wait until he is a year old?

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    Follow his lead mama! There are more nutrients, fats, and calories in your breastmilk than any solid at this point. I would not drop a nursing session. Actually I would nurse before meals and just let him "top up" on the solids.

    I didn't do purees. I did Baby Led Solids which is essentially offering baby appropriate whole foods and letting baby decide what and how much to eat. So he ate what we ate (while still following the "offer one new thing every 4 days" rule). He started with sliced avocado, strips of banana and baked sweet potato. He picked up the food and fed himself from the beginning (unless I overcooked something and then I helped a little). We started around 6 months, and by 9 months he was eating pretty much what we were eating - although the quantity wasn't large and he was still being nursed before meals.

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    with everything written by the PP.

    At 7 months old there is absolutely no good reason to push solids. Breastmilk provides complete nutrition throughout the baby's first year (and I'm not pulling that out of my ear, that's what my pediatrician says). After the first birthday, solids become an increasingly important part of the baby's diet, but the transition to a majority-solids diet is a slow one, with many babies still getting most of their calories from breastfeeding until well into their second year.

    The reason many moms are told to push solids is because most moms wean their babies from the breast around 1 year or (sadly) before. If your goal is to be done with breastfeeding as soon as possible, cutting out breastfeeding sessions and replacing them with solids is one way to achieve that goal.

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