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Thread: A little worried because I missed some pumping sessions!

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    Default A little worried because I missed some pumping sessions!

    Hey mamas! I woke up this morning and started to worry a little, so I'm hoping you can help me out with this! Lately I've been pumping 8-10 times a day, trying to increase my supply. It's been working (went from 28ish oz to 36ish oz a day withing 3 days of increasing pumping frequency). As part of those 8-10 times, usually 2 are in the middle of the night (usually at about 2 and 5, when I naturally wake up). Last night though, my mom had my daughter over night, and I gave my self a pumping break, and skipped those 2 sessions so I could sleep through the night once! Of course, I woke up full and leaky, which I knew would happen. But my real problem is, I'm worried that skipping those 2 very important sessions last night will decrease my supply. Ya think? Any advice will be much appreciated! TIA ladies!
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    Default Re: A little worried because I missed some pumping sessions!

    How long have you been pumping at those two sessions? The longer your body has been told to make the milk, the more bullet proof your supply is. Since your daughter is only a month or two old I'm guessing it's not been that long As a one time thing you might see a little decrease in the next couple of days, but keep up the pumping and you should be able to rebound quickly especially since you were super responsive to the increase in the first place.

    Maybe you won't hardly notice a difference since it was just the two sessions, although your right those are REALLY important! Keep at it with the pumping, you'll be able to sleep though the night on a regular basis here before you know it. It happens! That's coming from a person who was up every two hours a night for forever it seemed.

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