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Thread: Domperidone Dosing HELP!!!

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    Default Domperidone Dosing HELP!!!

    Hi ladies. I am starting some domperidone tomorrow (30mg a day) and I'm confused as to how to take it properly.

    I got my info from here, http://www.bfar.org/domperidone.shtml

    It states that the highest absorbtion rate is 90 min after meals. Does that mean that I have to eat a FULL meal, or will a small snack (2 granola bars) do it? I can't eat a full meal first thing in the AM but I can snack on granola bars...


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    Default Re: Domperidone Dosing HELP!!!

    I think you don't need a meal at all. Domperidone's other use is to aid w/ digestion, and that's prob why it says to take w/ a meal. I don't take it w/ meals.

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