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    Ok so my first question is how did you get your little ones to take a sippy? My dd is almost 10 months old and wont do anything but chew on a sippy. We have tried juice and water?? She never did take a bottle she will just chew on thoes too... So how do I get her to take a sippy?? I can't nurse forever and dh and I really want to try for another child when shes a year.

    My other question is solids?? DD's pedi told me she needs to atleast be eating 3 jars of solids a day!! (hahha thats a joke some days she will most days its a fight to get her to eat!!) She is slowing learning how to eat finger foods we have tried gerber puffs, yogart melts, cherrios, (diced fruit and veggies but thoes dont seem to go well) Since dd is so small (only 16lbs) her pedi now wants me to add powered formula to her baby food to make her gain more weight??? It seems like its been even more of a battle to get solids down her and shes so distractable while nursing lately its hard to nurse her.

    So Any help would be WONDERFUL!! I'm so lost and confused at what to do??

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    I had to start both of my kids out on the sippy cups with the soft spouts. I started them out young though, 6-7 months. Whenever I started them on solids I started the sippy cups as well.

    Have you tried just giving her a straw cup? She may do well with that. It's worth a try.

    As far as the solids, I don't have much advise. Both my kids were great eaters. Offer them to her all day, not just meal times. Let out a bowl of puffs, cherrios or fruit all day and see if she will snack on them. (assumming she is crawling and getting into stuff now. )
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    I never supplemented my girls with powdered formula in their food to make them gain weight and DD1 was not even 16 lbs at a year and DD3 is maybe 16 lbs at 11 months. My understanding is that you are not supposed to add formula in powdered form to milk or food. That's bad. It is to be mixed according to directions.

    For the first year, solids are about experimenting and practicing, not really about nutrition so I wouldn't worry about the amount of solids DD is getting. I'm assuming you still nurde on demand.

    I would urge you to consider a gentle weaning given that your DD doesn't like bottles and isn't proficient with a cup. I'm guessing that she is very attached to the breast. Perhaps if you are still nursing at night, the first nursing sessions you can omit are the night time ones. Breast milk has more fat and calories than most foods so if weight is a concern (which it shouldn't necessarialy be if your DD is meeing milestones, is content, and has adequate wet diapers) than breast milk is a great way to ensure fat and calories. Doctors pressured me to stuff DD1 with solids and seemed to think weaning would help her gain weight. They were wrong. She just got skinnier.

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