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Thread: Pumping Schedule Issues

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    Question Pumping Schedule Issues

    Im back at work and travel to different offices during the week. Some times I get to pump 3 times a day others only 2 times. Im worried this may effect my supply. I also dont get to pump at the same time each day, will this effect it too? I usally end up with 10-12 oz. by the end of the work day. So if I end up with less then 12 I pump after LO goes to bed. Any advice? Thanks!

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    That sounds like great output to me.

    I work and am hardly ever able to pump at the exact same time everyday and things worked fine for us.

    Have you ever considered pumping during your commute? I have done this several times.

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    How much does your baby eat while you are gone? I have the same issue. My baby eats twice, 5 oz each, and I can hardly get 4 oz every time I pump. So I have to pump in the evening again. And even that is not enough...

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    She eats 3- 4oz bottles while im at work. Im worried if she stars eating more that I wont keep up. I get 12 on the dot right now. Sometimes an ounce short. Shes 14wks so I think it will go up?.? Never thought about pumping and driving. Dont know how I would work that out, have to try.

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