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Thread: We made it! Now what??

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    Default We made it! Now what??

    I am so happy that my DD and I have made it a year nursing with only minor problems due to teething and biting but we worked through it. Not a single drop of formula. My support system has been so great it's been easy and blissful. I keep saying that everything from here on is just icing on the cake.

    So my question to all the momma's out there is, now what? How will it change, what can I expect? She started cutting her nursing times at about 10 months, she's at 3-4 times per day (sometimes more) and at least twice at night. What is baby-led weaning? Will she do it herself? I'm in no hurry to wean, just wondering what to expect....
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    Default Re: We made it! Now what??

    Well, expect it to be as unpredictable as the first year! With the teething and the dreaded molars, you might find she increases her sessions and keeps you on your toes. It's hard to know what to expect. It really can change quickly. And just because they start eating more solids doesn't mean that your milk is of any less value. It is still very important.

    For DS, it has been pretty steady and I actually made the first steps in weaning by distraction, etc. (I've been either pregnant or bf'ing since December of 2005 and I'm ready to gently wean.) He's down to one session in the mornings, but he actually skipped yesterday and today.

    Before long you'll see that your LO will give you even more love and gratitude for the nursing sessions. DS has stopped nursing, looked me in the eyes and said "tank you" with a smile, and then started nursing again. There is nothing better!!!

    Again, congratulations on the great accomplishment!
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    Default Re: We made it! Now what??

    Congrats on making it to one year! I don't really know what to say what to expect as we are in the same position as you, DS just turned 1, but great job on making it this far!

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    Default Re: We made it! Now what??

    Congratulations on making it to a year!

    Nursing past 1 is, in my experience, a huge amount of fun. Pretty soon you'll probably be nursing stuffed animals and toy cars and your child will start talking about nursing and saying super-cute things.

    How nursing changes with time is as individual as your child. She may increase her sessions at times, and then drop back to a low level. If your goal is to nurse for as long as possible, don't be afraid to offer the breast whenever you feel like it.

    Baby-led weaning is a process that can take several years. Basically, you follow the child's lead: if she asks to nurse, you nurse her. If she doesn't ask, you don't. As time goes on, your child will ask less and less. She'll get more and more involved with playing and toys and solid foods, and less interested in nursing. Eventually you'll realize that you've gone several days without nursing, and then several weeks, and the weaning process will be complete, with no tears and no struggle. But if you decide to go with baby-led weaning, be prepared to nurse for several more years- while some babies self-wean early, many continue to nurse until age 3 or 4, and some will even go beyond that.

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    Default Re: We made it! Now what??

    with Mommal
    There's really no telling what the next year(s) will be like, but mostly it will be much easier than the first year.

    Many breastfed children between about 13 and 18 months seem to live on breastmilk and air. They are actually eating solid foods, but they are very busy exploring their world and your milk is the most concentrated nutrition around. You may get a lot of "drive by nursing", where your toddler just wants to nurse for a few minutes.

    When your child gets sick or is teething or skins her knee or has a tantrum because she doesn't have the means to get what she wants or she's just overtired, breastfeeding is a mom's best tool in her mothering toolbox.

    Both my kids nursed for years, and weaning was very gradual. You wake up one day trying to figure out when was the last time your child nursed. Enjoy toddler nursing. It's fun to have conversations about what your milk tastes like ("it's better than ice cream!") and to see your child "nurse" her own toys. I hope that children who remember how much they enjoyed nursing will be more likely to nurse their own babies, or encourage their wives to do so.

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    Default Re: We made it! Now what??

    on one year mama!

    toddler nursing is delightful.
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    Default Re: We made it! Now what??

    Congrats on making it to a year!
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    Default Re: We made it! Now what??

    You will enjoy the second year as much as the first. Don't get discouraged if things don't go exactly as planned... it's less stress nursing a toddler than a little baby! Congrats on making it a year!

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