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Thread: help - what am I doing wrong?

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    Default help - what am I doing wrong?

    hello ladies,

    my dd emily is 10 weeks now. she started to make a klicking sound while nursing about 4 weeks ago. this is happening when the milkflow begins.
    I remove her from the breast and let her latch on again.

    I got sore nipples a week or a bit longer.
    Yesterday I got on the base of the right nipple a kind of crack (its not bleeding) but very painfull when she sucks.

    How do I care best for my sore nipples?

    Emily doesn't take a pacifier at all. she needs the breast just for comfort too.

    I love to breastfeed her and I want to continue for a long time!

    will I ever get healthy nipples? I am upset with this condition

    wish you all a nice sunday

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    Default Re: help - what am I doing wrong?

    It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong, but it sounds like DD might have a latch issue.

    When you say clicking sound, do you mean like her seal over your nipple isn't complete and there's air getting in & out? If that's what it is, and you're getting cracked nipples, I think DD's latch could be improved. After 10wks or nursing, I think your nipples would be in better shape than they sound.

    You say it happens with let-down. Again, it sounds like you're doing the right thing by asking her to re-latch.

    Have you talked to a lactation consultant? My DS has latch issues and we used a nipple shield for the first few weeks because he was thrusting with his tongue instead of drawing in with it. The sounds were similar to what you describe.

    In the meantime, Soothies were very helpful for me. I wore them all the time for the first few weeks. If you cut them in half you can get twice as many out of a box. I hope things improve!

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    Default Re: help - what am I doing wrong?

    It sounds like your baby isn't latched on properly. Pay special attention to baby's position when it's time to nurse and make sure that she is positioned properly. And when you latch her on, be sure her latch is good too. It sounds like your let-down is a bit overwhelming for her so when the milk let's down, she's unlatching herself a bit to help her deal with the forcefulness of it. Many babies will clamp down or unlatch altogether during this time. You can try pumping your breasts until your milk let's down and then putting baby to breast to see if that helps.

    Here are some links on dealing with sore nipples: How do I heal sore nipples?
    How do I prevent sore nipples?

    From what you describe it sounds like a latching/positioning issue but another thing that comes to mind is thrush. Babies like to pop on and off the breast when they've got thrush and thrush can certainly cause sore and cracked nipples. You may want to read this to see if it helps as well: Is thrush causing my sore nipples?

    You may also want to contact a local LLL Leader and see if she can evaluate baby's positioning and latch during a nursing session.

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    Default Re: help - what am I doing wrong?

    Lansinoh ointment helped me. It's not a healer but it did help ease the pain between nursing and it was safe for my dd to suck as well.

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