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Thread: bottle battle - please help

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    Unhappy bottle battle - please help

    My baby is 2 months old and exclusively breastfeeding. For the first month we were supplementing breastfeeding with formula (once a day) and she had no confusion between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.
    For the past month we didn't use bottle at all. Also, she doesn't use pacifier.
    I'm going back to work in 4 weeks, so we decided to give her breast milk in the bottle, so she can get use to it when I'm gone, but she wouldn't take it anymore.
    We had my husband to give her bottle and also we tried to distract her with toys while giving bottle, but nothing works so far.
    I thought that it is in my baby's best interest to breastfeed only, but now I feel bad that we discontinued bottle feeding.
    I desperately need help in this matter.
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: bottle battle - please help

    I am not sure how to help, and will keep checking to see other's wisdom. I can say, I have somewhat the same issue... I am back at work with a 2 month old and he takes the bottle while I am gone, but eats SO much less than with me that he wants to nurse very frequently when I am around. I wish I could get him to take more.

    I can say that he didn't want the bottle AT ALL when we first tried, bfore I returned to work. But, we kept trying and eventually he took it. But, he does NOT like it!

    I wish you luck, I will check in here to see what others say.


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    Default Re: bottle battle - please help

    The same sort of thing happened to us. My LO took the bottle for a few weeks and then we didn't give it to her for 2 weeks and she hasn't taken it since. She absolutely refuses. I've been back to work for 4 weeks, and still nothing. She waits it out for me while I'm at work. We are moving on to trying cups now. Sorry I don't have much advice; we tried everything, but nothing has worked for us. We are trying the Nuby cup now because she drank some from it one day this week.

    You can see all the things I tried in this thread:
    Mommy to Cadence (5/19/06) and Tessa (4/25/09)

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    Default Re: bottle battle - please help

    What type of bottle are you using? Have you tried a variety of bottles with different nipple shapes? Maybe something like Avent will work as it resembles the breast best. Maybe the cup is a better option as avolk mentioned. Are you in the room when DH is giving the bottle? If baby can smell or hear you, she is going to want you instead of that old bottle daddy is offering. You've got four weeks, just keep trying. That's quite a while in baby time.

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