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    Hello all. This is my first post here but I have been reading for past 5 months.
    I gave birth to Ana in May of this year. I wend back to work at the end of July and then I started to pump and BF her when I get home and while I am at home.

    My pumping output was btw. 16-18 oz during the 8 hr work shoft (3 pumpings) I was more then happy until today.

    In teh morning before work I BF Ana. Went to work and at 10 am pumped @c 6 oz (not as usual but still ok). However at 1pm my right breast (where I get 90% of the milk from) just stopped "working". I could feel that it is hard but just drops of milk are pumping. So btw pumping at 1pm and 4pm I got only @ 3-4 oz.
    I got home and tried to give Ana that right breast but she could not get anything, I showered and massaged with worm water - little better but in general I could hardly get 2oz.
    My right breast is still hard on the top and on the right side...I have no idea what to do and what can create this to be like just like that 3 hours after good pumping.

    I would gladly appreciate any help or suggestion. Thanka in advance. Natasa

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    thanks...great source of info.

    I soaked for one hour in the warm water in the tub... my breast is not hard...I also pumped while in the tub @ 2oz. I had to discarded b/c of soapy water. I will pump on my regular time @ midnight, and will post the result. Thanks for taking the time to respond and resolve my issue.

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    So glad the plug resolved!

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